MSD is committed to clinical research, and your collaboration is the key. Your relationships with your patients are what help bridge the gap between education and interest when patients are considering clinical trial options.



Our research pipeline gives a brief overview of clinical trials and reflects quarterly information.

Our policies and perspectives

MSD is committed to conducting ethical research and disclosing balanced, complete, and accurate information about our registered clinical trials, regardless of outcome. Read our policies and perspectives on clinical trial ethics and publication of clinical trial data.

Join the clinical research Investigator Databank

If you are interested in becoming a research investigator or are currently conducting research, consider joining the Investigator Databank. The databank is a global collaboration between pharmaceutical companies where investigators can share information, lower administrative burdens, and become more visible to research sponsors.

Resources for your patients

Some of the pages below might be helpful when talking to your patients about joining a clinical trial.

Female doctor listening to an older man's heart while a younger woman watches.

Patient resources

For help understanding clinical trial listings and for other resources, visit our Clinical Trial Patient Resources section.
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A clinical doctor giving some test results to a couple of elderly patients in hospital.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Understanding clinical trials is important when making the decision to join one. Our FAQ section may provide answers to your patients’ commonly asked questions.
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What to consider when joining a clinical trial

Joining a clinical trial is an important decision. Our downloadable PDF offers guidance to help patients make an informed choice.
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