Finding new medical treatments can only happen with the help of patient volunteers.

When a patient takes part in a clinical trial, they help advance medical knowledge and expand our understanding of their condition. Their participation may help people worldwide.

Deciding whether to join a clinical trial does not have to happen alone. We encourage you to discuss your options with your doctors, family, and other loved ones so you can find the best option.

Understanding a clinical trial listing

When you start your search for a clinical trial, it’s important to gather as much information as you can. We’ve created a guide to help you understand the information you will see in your clinical trial search results.

Talking to loved ones about joining a clinical trial

Choosing to join a clinical trial is not an easy decision and doesn’t need to be made alone. Use our guide to help start the conversation with your doctors or loved ones.


Looking for caregiver resources?

If you’re taking care of a loved one or looking for more resources, explore our Caregiver Resources section.

Still have questions?

Our FAQ section has answers to commonly asked questions and a glossary of words to know.

Frequently asked questions


A clinical doctor giving some test results to a couple of elderly patients in hospital.